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Welcome to my homepage.
Here you will find all the facts about me as well
as about my love and passion for acting & music


I am Pasquale Aleardi, I am an actor & musician and I was born in 1972 in Schlieren (Canton of Zurich) in Switzerland. I am married, a proud dad of two little boys and I have two older siblings.
My mother was Greek, my father Italian. My parents met in the early 1960s in Zurich and fell in love. I remember my home as a very vibrant place. In each room there was always different music playing; Greek music in the kitchen, Suptertramp, Beatles or Abba in my sister’s room, Elvis or James Brown in my brother’s room and I played classical music at the piano, primarily Mozart. 

With this musical feast it dawned on me pretty early on that one day I would want to pursue a career in the arts. My talents and interests were clearly defined from the outset. I had a talent for everything artistic, for everything else not so much. Until the age of 10 I was really only interested in painting, drawing and comic books, after that I fell in love with playing the piano and at the age of 18, after my first role as Mr. Gabor in “Spring Awakening” by Wedekind, a theatrical performance at my high school, acting became my obsession. However my parents wanted for me to have a “real” profession, like a doctor or a lawyer. But I had other plans. I was convinced that I would become an actor and I was lucky enough to find a way to turn this dream into a reality.

Pasquale Aleardi, Schauspieler, Musiker
WELCOME: Biografie


I attended to Zurich University of the arts between 1992-1995 and was lucky to already be able to gain practical experience at the Zurich Schauspielhaus and to land my first lead role in a Swiss feature film: 


  • "JAZZ" (1994 director: Daniel Helfer)

In 1995 I had landed my first contract at the Theater Bonn where I was fortunate enough to celebrate my first successes on stage, amongst them “The American Clock” by Arthur Miller. It was awarded best production in the State of NRW in 1996 and was also invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen that same year which for me as a novice, a young actor, was a really big deal. After having been able to sow my wild oats for 7 years at different theaters I gravtitated towards working in front of the camera. My German feature film debut was a major turning point in my career because after that I was seen on stage less often and in return I gained momentum as a film and TV actor.

  • Feature film debut:  "NACHTS IM PARK"  (2002 director: Uwe Janson)

However I remained loyal to the stage, especially through my music. With my band „PASQUALE ALEARDI & DIE PHONAUTEN“ I give concerts on a regular basis in the German-speaking countries. With my performance as “BILLY FLYNN“ in “CHICAGO” on Broadway in New York City and my performance as “AJ GOLDEN“ in the show “PARAMOUR- CIRQUE DU SOLElL” all my dreams came true in a way I could have never imagined.

  • " BILLY FLINN" in "CHICAGO" at the Ambassador Theater Broadway in New York (2014 director: Walter Bobbie)

  • "AJ GOLDEN" in "PARAMOR - CIRQUE DU SOLEIL" (2019 director: Sergio Trujillo)

As far as my work in front of the camera is concerned, I have been part of over 80 movies and feature films over the past 20 years for which I am extremely grateful. There really isn’t a single movie that I wouldn’t have wanted to be a part of. In each single one of these parts I got to explore a facet that I really wanted to bring to life. So for me to make a selection from all these movies isn’t easy. Off the top of my head this is the list of movies that I have especially fond memories of:

  • "JAZZ" (1994 director: Daniel Helfer) because it was my first leading role in a feature film.  

  • “NACHTS IM PARK” (2002 director: Uwe Janson) my first leading role in a German feature film.

  • "RESIDENT EVIL" (2002 director: Paul.W.S.Anderson)  my first international success in a Hollywood blockbuster and my first time being on a huge film set.

  • "RIDING UP FRONT" (2006 director: Markus Herling) the first dramatic feature film in which I portrayed an alcoholic.  

  • “GROUNDING- THE LAST DAYS OF SWISS AIR” (2006 director: Michael Steiner) the first big feature film success in Switzerland.

  • "BAAL" (2002 director: Uwe Janson) for me a never-to-be-forgotten filmed adaptation of a theatrical production.

  • “SHADES OF HAPPINESS” (2011 director: Miguel Alexandre) was the first character for which I was able to age 30 years. I was awarded the TV award “Golden Nymph Award” at Monte-Carlo Television Festival for my performance.  

  • "GOTTHARD" (2016 director: Urs Egger) for which I was awarded Best Leading Actor at the Swiss Television Awards in 2017. 

  • KOMMISSAR DUPIN” , who I am fortunate enough to portray once a year since 2013 and which has been sold to over 47 countries... and last but not least:

  • "I’VE NEVER BEEN IN NEW YORK ” (2019 director: Phillip Stölzl ), holy shit, it was such a blast to be part of this project. For my portrayal of “Costa” I was nominated for the German Film Award, known as Lola.

Pasquale Aleardi, Schauspieler, Musiker

A journalist once asked me about the source of my versatility. I answered:

If you grow up with 6 languages, 3 TVs, Mozart, Sirtaki and James Brown you couldn’t possibly be one-sided

...That is still true today and possibly has to do with the fact, that I grew up with different cultures. Or maybe it is just thanks to my love for art. Regardless of whether it is film, theater, music, photography, the art of painting or a good book. All of that inspires me tremendously and every day I fill my time engaging with one of these artistic fields.

I am delighted that you are taking the time browsing through these pages and hopefully you will discover one or two things that you didn’t know so far.
Under “SHOWREELS“ you will find a large selection of clips from movies that I have been a part of.


Have a great time and all the best.

Pasquale Aleardi

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